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All Songs Written by:
Gary Mallaber / Bolee Music BMI &
Jesse Kennemer / BMI
All Guitar Work: Jesse Kennemer
All other Instrumentation and Orchestrations: Gary Mallaber
Produced , Arranged & Engineered: Gary Mallaber
Mixed by Gary Mallaber & Jesse Kennemer
Recorded at: Bedrock Studios S., Thousand Oaks, CA.
Bedrock Studios N. Grants Pass, Applegate, OR.
Layout: Mike MacDonald, Macjack Media
Artwork: Tom Vinici
Mastered by: Dave St. Onge @ The Digital Barn
This is an organic, hand played, free range product…no additives

*In memory of:
Steve Tualemoso
Mykal Lutz

Richie Pidanick (Guitar Center)

Mallaber photo: J. Steinfeldt

Kennemer photo: B. Blue Abben

Song List
51 peg 5:40
Strobe 4:12
Stinger 4 :40
For the Sake of Drama 4:45
Barista 4: 08
Split Rock 3:28
Clean Up on Isle 7 4:17
Inspired By a True Story 4:28
Diet of Crazy 5:00
First Friday 5:24
Talk With Your Eyes 3:10
Streets of Ardmore 4:35

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